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Seven Seas Boasts the Best Sailboat Rental Program Anywhere! 

Four (4) – Half-Day rentals: $380

Unlimited Season Pass $650

Would you like an unlimited season rental where you can chose any boat any day as often as you would like?

Such a seasonal unlimited pass costs $650 and is  pro-rated from the day of start until the same day the next year.

When you are approved for a season's pass we'll agree which boats you are comfortable in starting out renting on an unlimited one fee season accessability. There are larger boats to skipper when you are ready and our instructors will provide free training in an opportunity to skipper these when desired.


If you would like to take your whole family out sailing it's up to you -- as often as you like. Bring freinds and neighbors sailing no charge! And, if you're looking for freinds and crew from within the club we're always eager to go sailing with you. 


It's all up to you; reserve a boat as often as you like or as part of our group. Seven Seas is a team sport and our club offers an appetite for your independent sailing or join our ever present comradery. While we're on that note, season's pass holders often gather to help prep boats for launch as well as ongoing care and season haul out -- anything for an excuse to gather, mess about in boats, and grill a few dogs and burgers while cheering sailing.




The following conditions will apply to all rentals:

The school reserves the right to limit the number of people on board.

Boats will be available on first come, first served basis.

All rentals must be reserved in advance.

All reservations will be confirmed by email or text.

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