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Seven Seas Pioneers the Care of a Beacon of Lake Legacy


This historic 1903 fog signal, radiobeacon and lighthouse station on a Buffalo Harbor breakwater has been neglected since 1962, but now is being restored, with the ownership direction of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association, which has a heralded 30+ year history of establishing the "Old Stone" 1833 lighthouse at the Buffalo River entrance.

A dozen years ago members of Seven Seas pioneered the direction of the neglected South Buffalo Light into the ownership care of Buffalo Lighthouse Association and continues in partnership on its board for current and future renovations and community access. Many Seven Seas team members cherish the "parenting" of a beautiful lighthouse with such a rich legacy. 

The South Buffalo Lighthouse was built in 1903 to guide ships into Buffalo Harbor's south entrance and the ore docks at the then-new Lackawanna Steel plant. The most historic part of the breakwater light station is the fog signal building, which served as a foghorn testing station for all of the Great Lakes and served the first radio station (a Marconi transmitter) and later the first radiobeacon on the lakes. The lighthouse was decommissioned in the 1960s and fell into ruin, but now is owned by the Buffalo Lighthouse Association and restoration has begun. Tour groups travel to the station by boat.

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