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A'boat Us

Seven Seas Sailing School opened in Buffalo in 1970, one of the pioneering schools in the country. Over our 51 years in operation, we’ve graduated thousands of new sailors from Western New York and around the world.

...And just ten years ago, in fact, we opened the first public sailing school in India (where some of our instructors now spend their winters).

US Sailing Association is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Sailing and has been serving sailors since 1897. Their commitment to more than 45,000 members is to provide a safe, fun and successful experience.

Seven Seas accredited program adheres to US Sailing’s certification system that makes learning to sail easy and fun and supports you as you work to achieve your goals. All of our programming is designed to help you learn safely and with confidence and our educational materials are created by dedicated experts who share their passion and knowledge of sailing and education.

Not only do we love our waterfront, we wrote the book on it. 

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